Sludge and biosolids management

Sludge: a valuable resource

Managing the increasing sludge volumes generated by municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment processes is a major environmental challenge for municipalities worldwide.

At Veolia Water Technologies, we see sludge not as a waste but as a potentially valuable resource. We apply our global technological leadership in sewage treatment to help our clients extract valuable biosolids and produce agriculturally-beneficial byproducts. By implementing biosolids management we help municipalities to convert sludge into energy and offset wastewater treatment plant operation costs.

Our designs minimise sludge generation in the initial phases of water and sewage treatment. For sludge that remains after recovery, we minimize weight and volume and remove harmful substances prior to disposal. Our sustainable water and sewage treatment solutions meet rigorous health and environmental standards.

CASE STUDY: Zero Pollution, 100% Responsibility

The new Marquette-lez-Lille wastewater treatment plant, one of the largest in France, is built to answer the needs of a growing population, according to the highest sustainability and technology standards. Building a new city-center wastewater treatment plant to meet the growing needs of the population, comply with European standards and cater for sustainable development issues was the challenge set to OTV, subsidiary of Veolia Water Technologies, by the Urban Community of Lille Metropole, in northern France.

The plant will generate a low carbon footprint and produce biogas and will have the capacity to treat wastewater from an equivalent population of 620,000.

For sludge treatment, the implementation of Exelys, a new thermal hydrolysis process from Veolia, will reduce the quantity of sludge produced by 20-40% and increase the production of biogas by 15-30% compared to a standard digestion. After being dried in a BioCon dryer and stored, half of the sludge will be used in agriculture and the other half in a cement works.