Water recycling & reuse

Water is too precious to be used only once

Wastewater is the only water resource of which volume increases proportionally to economic development and consumption.

Water reuse is the use of treated wastewater for beneficial purposes other than the initial use. Implementing water reuse technologies for our clients help them optimise their water costs and minimise their environmental impact.

With the high cost of transporting water, Veolia Water Technologies is helping more municipalities around the world turn to water reuse technologies to:

  • help attract new industry
  • support agricultural irrigation
  • water lawns and parks
  • wash streets
  • maintain their tourism industry
  • protect the environment

Water Reuse Applications include :

  • facility cooling
  • boiler feed water
  • industrial process water
  • watering green spaces and golf courses
  • ground water storage and recovery and salt intrusion barriers in coastal communities.