Water treatment technologies and Wastewater Engineering


From drinking water to process water supply, to wastewater treatment, sludge management, recycle and reuse including recovery of byproducts, raw materials and energy. Veolia combines water treatment technologies and wastewater engineering services to develop complete water solutions delivered as packaged products or customised turnkey systems.


Physical/Chemical  Processes

Biological Treatment

  • AnoxKaldnes MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) - Biological treatment for removal of high concentrations of BOD, COD, and VOC
  • Hybas - Hybrid Biofilm: Activated Sludge combined with MBBR to achieve both reduction of organic material and nitrogen
  • Anita Mox - Combines an aerobic and an anoxic process into one Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) for treatment of high-ammonia effluent
  • Neosep - Immersed Membrane Bioreactor producing effluents suitable for water reuse and recycle
  • Biostyr BAF (Biological Aerated Filter) - Removal of all biodegradable pollutants, from carbon (COD and BOD) to nitrogen (N-NH4 and N-NO3) and particulates (TSS)

Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment

  • Biobed Advanced - Reactor combining the excellent performance of the UASB reactor with the cost effectiveness of an EGSB system
  • Memthane Anaerobic MBR - Treatment of high-strength waste streams, maximising COD and TSS removal and eliminating disposal costs while generating methane-rich biogas
  • Biobulk CSTR (Completely Stirred Tank Reactor) - Treatment of wastewaters that contain high concentrations of non-dissolved substances and fats
  • Upthane - Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) treatment system specifically designed for the treatment of low-strength wastewater like municipal sewage
  • With its Biothane Biogas Scrubbers, Veolia also provides complementary solutions to clean the produced biogas. By making it safe to work with, it can serve as a source of renewable energy that can be utilised in the production process.

Filtration & Separation

  • Hydrotech Discfilter - Simple, effective and economical filtration in small footprint, perfect for tertiary filtration, water reuse and solids removal
  • Hydrotech Drumfilter - Effective filtration system for fine solids removal and product recovery in lower flows or higher solids loading conditions
  • Auto-Jet Self-Cleaning Pressure Leaf Filter  - Designed for efficient filtration in the most severe applications
  • Filtra-Matic Fixed Leaf High-Volume Filter -Designed for tough filtration jobs involving large volumes of liquid, especially where a dry cake discharge is desired
  • Power Clean (ORF) Filter Systems - Unparalleled in removing suspended solids and hydrocarbons from produced water or any water source, as well as for the metalworking, power generating, municipal, chemical or petrochemical industries
  • L'eau Claire Upflow Filter - Upflow media filter offering high bed loading for solids removal and fine removal of solids and colloidal silica
  • Autoflot - Mechanical Induced Gas Flotation (IGF) separator
  • Maxi-Flo High Rate Downflow Sand Filter - Designed for effective removal of oil and suspended solids from sea water, cooling water and oil field brine
  • Auto-Pulse Tubular Backpulse Filter - Designed to accomplish submicron filtration without the use of precoats or filter aids
  • Auto-Shok Tubular Filter - A classical tubular filter which has several design features to assure proper cleaning on every cycle


  • HD IX Softeners - Complete line of softeners for produced water softening or Chlor-Alkali brine softening
  • Macro Porous Polymer Extraction (MPPE) system - Highly effective, fully automated, remote controlled and guaranteed technology for removing hydrocarbons from water by means of extraction in an MPPE bed

Membrane-based Technologies

  • Amdro - Acidic wastewater treatment
  • OPUS and OPUS II - Optimised Pretreatment and Unique Separation technology that generates high quality water with low waste volume
  • CeraMem Ceramic Membrane Systems - Proprietary materials of construction and unique membrane chemistry provide highly compact systems, capable of operating in harsh industrial applications
  • ROSS System - Combining CeraMem ceramic membranes for removal of oil and silica with simultaneous water softening in a fully modular process train
  • Sirion - A large range of reverse osmosis systems for industrial process water production, sea water desalination and re-use applications.

Evaporation & Crystallisation

  • HPD Evaporation and Crystallisation technologies produce and recover valuable products and by-products, reclaim water resources and reduce effluent volume through designs that minimise energy consumption.
  • Evaled - package evaporator systems, allowing high concentration ratios, good separation levels as well as recycling and a decrease in volumes to be disposed.

Biosolids & Bioenergy

  • BioCon -Thermal Drying or Biosolids Energy Recovery
  • Exelys - Energy Efficient Thermal Hydrolysis Process
  • Solia - Solar Drying