Network Services Technologies and Solutions

Pipe Lining

  • Our UV curred pipe relining system is an efficient, economical and environmentally responsible method of lining round and ovi-form pipelines in diameters ranging from 150 mm to 1.200 mm.
  • Due to its unique Glass-fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP) wall construction, the UV curred system provides a long-term structural solution, with proven physical rehabilitation properties for gravity pipelines.
  • We can repair breaks, cracks and leaks in underground pipeline systems, without the need for disrupted excavation.

Pipe Bursting

  • We can replace or upsize an existing pipe to accommodate an increased flow level.
  • We replace the pipes using pneumatic or hydraulic methods, by fracturing the existing pipes and pushing them into the surrounding soil whilst the new pipe is pulled in behind the burster head to replace the old pipe.
  • Our reliable, quiet & fast process requires minimal excavation, so we minimise disruption to the surrounding area, while renovating the pipeline network.

Slip Lining or Pipe Jacking

  • Slip lining consists in inserting a new duct into the pipe or the line which has to be rehabilitated. Slip lining with annular space refers to the insertion of a duct whose outside diameter is less than that of the existing duct.
  • Pipes of diameters ranging from 100 to 3600 mm can be relined using slip lining
  • This consists of inserting a new pipe or duct into a pipe or line which has to be rehabilitated
  • Lengths of specially reinforced pipes are pushed in or jacked into the old pipe
  • Slip lining with annular space is performed when there is a need to insert a duct whose outside diameter is inferior to that of the existing duct

Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP)

  • Consists of inserting and applying against the walls of the pipe to be rehabilitated a flexible structure impregnated with resin which hardens upon polymertisation.
  • CIPP lining causes only a low cross-sectional reduction while providing an excellent mechanical hold and high hydraulic performance.
  • Quick installation and limited impact on the environment.

CCTV Digital Inspection

  • Carried out with a specially adapted radio-controlled camera, the video inspection of a network enables preventative or corrective verification of its state
  • The'Pan, Tilt and Zoom' cameras can inspect pipes from 100mm up to 2 metres. They can locate and inspect suspected problem areas, such as displaced joints, intruding connections or cracks.
  • The leading-edge Panoramo 360 degrees camera uses its front and rear cameras to create a 3D view of the pipe, ensuring that no detail is missed. The pipe can be inspected from the site or the office. It is ideal for programmed inspections and for making decisions on rehabilitation priorities.

Drain Cleaning Combo Trucks

  • Our fleet of combination unit trucks have increased airflow capacity of up to 5,000 m3/hr and water jetting flows up to 300 l/minute, enabling higher volumes of silt and debris cleaning and extraction
  • Each truck has Non Destructive Digging (NDD) capability with reduced water consumption and a large 8cm pay load.

Water Jetting Trucks

  • High velocity jetting trucks with an increased water efficiency, delivering 30% increased cleaning efficiency
  • Water pump rated at 155 bar and at 265 l/min
  • State-of-the-art truck technology able to decrease overall fuel consumption and decreased carbon footprint

Water Recycling Combo Units

  • Water Recycling Combination Units are particularly suited for heavy duty jetting jobs in which the fully automatic cleaning process ensures continuous recycling of the jetting water
  • Recyclers may also work as regular drain and sewer cleaning tankers for both small and large projects

Dryset Dry Suction Excavation

  • Suction excavation is an innovative technology capable of either dry or wet excavations. It should be used whenever critical services (water networks, telecommunications, power or gas lines) are present in the ground and should not be disrupted.
  • The suction excavation technology uses turbines to generate an extremely high airflow: 42.000 m3/hour, equivalent to five times traditional vacuum trucks.


  • The Clamshell unit has been introduced into the market place to improve the ability to clean storm water quality improvement devices such as gross pollutant traps and sediment traps for the Municipal and Industrial markets.
  • The clamshell is also great for cleaning and de-silting open drains, ornamental ponds, dams and waterways.