Trenchless and other Pipeline Rehabilitation

Year after year, water and wastewater networks degrade due to age and many other factors. The rehabilitation of pipeline networks constitutes a tailor-made and cost-effective technical solution as an alternative to traditional methods. Veolia Water Technologies provides trenchless and other network rehabilitation solutions to restore the networks optimum operational conditions.

We use several network rehabilitation techniques that can provide internal pipework patch repairs, internally carry out repair works from manholes or pit excavations, including structural epoxy spraying for manhole rehabilitation. We can also conduct confined space entry to existing pipework to internally reline existing pipework or carry out repair works.

We can use various rehabilitation techniques to reduce construction disturbance including:

  • Trenchless works: directional drilling, pipe extraction, micro-tunnelling, pipe jacking
  • Rehabilitation techniques: slip lining, CIPP, injection, projection and spraying, joint sealing repairs, sewer lining, pipe bursting
  • Underground works using traditional galleries or tunnel boring machines 
  • Installation of In-Line stop valves under water mains pressure

Trunk Sewer Mains Rehabilitation, QLD

As part of QUU’s commitment to ensure the long-term sustainability and efficiency of the region’s water and sewerage infrastructure, a major trunk sewer rehabilitation program work was launched across parts of Brisbane to rehabilitate and reline severely deteriorated trunk sewers. The work prevents the potential failure of the trunk sewer, minimising potential customer inconvenience, and extend the operational life for a further 50 years. Veolia Water Technologies was trusted to rehabilitate sewer line segments by slip lining using Hobas GRP pipes that included design, supply, installation and testing of lined sewers and construction of new manholes.

Techniques: slip lining with pipe jacking equipment, segmental shoring systems 5m in diameter for depth up to 9m, 24 hour full flow bypass 1,100m long, pumping of cementitious grout

Application: deteriorated sewers with high water table requiring high strength, flexible, corrosion resistance liner suitable for aggressive environments