Condition assessment of water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure

Veolia Water Technologies helps customers to assess the condition of their water and wastewater networks. We can inspect water and wastewater networks, stormwater drains and gravity sewer networks, to assess their condition and to ensure long-term performance. We use the latest Closed Circuit Television Video (CCTV) technologies available and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and supply detailed condition assessment reports which allow our customers to implement the most appropriate maintenance and rehabilitation strategies.

We utilise the leading edge digital Closed Circuit Television Video equipment, the ‘Panoramo 360’ degree unit, which enables complete viewing from every angle of the existing pipeline, providing a step change approach to traditional pipeline inspections, recording every detail in digital format for easy retrieval and detailed analysis. Also our modern techniques are effective for water leak detection, water loss reduction programs and asset location.

CCTV inspection and condition assessment, VIC

Veolia Water Technologies provides CCTV inspection and condition assessment of Yarra Valley Water’s pipeline network utilising state of the art 360° CCTV technology. Over 450 km of Yarra Valley Water’s 300 mm and greater sewage mains were surveyed since 2006. Zero lost time injuries on the project have been achieved. Veolia provided a complete project management by planning, surveying, remediation, uploading and downloading completed group projects using Yarra Valley Water’s asset management system. The contract also includes the conventional CCTV programmed surveys and cleaning works.