North Rankin 2 Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Unit, WA

The Client


Woodside is one of Australia’s top ten companies by market capitalisation, and the nation’s largest publicly-traded oil and gas exploration and production company. 

It is one of Australia’s largest independent producer of oil and gas and one of the world’s largest producers of LNG.

The Client's Need

As part of the A$5 billion North Rankin Redevelopment Project (North Rankin 2), a new second platform –North Rankin B –had to be installed with gas compression facilities, low pressure separators, utilities and accommodation. 

North Rankin B (NRB) is connected by a 100-metre bridge to the existing North Rankin A platform. Both platforms are operated as a single integrated facility known as the North Rankin hub.

Potable water on NRA is generated from a Sea Water Reverse Osmosis unit previously designed and built by Veolia Water Technologies. 

Veolia's Solution

Veolia Water Technologies was awarded a contract by EOS Oil & Gas Services on behalf of Woodside, for the Design and Supply of a two-pass Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) Plant.

The BWRO plant was installed on the new NRB platform treating potable water from the North Rankin A Sea Water Reverse Osmosis unit.

The BWRO plant produces demin water with very low chloride levels for topping up of the platform tempered water system. The plant includes 2 x 100% GAC filters for chlorine removal, cartridge filtration, 2-pass Brackish Reverse Osmosis and Hydrex® Reverse Osmosis Antiscalantsand CIP cleaners.

The unit was successfully wet tested in Perth by the Veolia team prior to delivery to Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea who were building the topsides for the offshore platform.