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Veolia Awards 6th Annual Veolia Water Technologies Scholarship at SME

03/20/2017 -

Veolia Water Technologies sponsored a $2,000 scholarship at the Society of Mining, Metallurgy, & Exploration (SME) 2017 Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Denver, Colorado. One specific criterion for the Veolia scholarship was that the applicants show an interest in pursuing a career in water-related matters within the mining industry. 

Rethink Water – manage carefully to maximise benefits

03/03/2017 -

Veolia’s New Water Purifier for Clinical Diagnostic Analysers

02/15/2017 -

Veolia’s new Modular Bulldozer Design (MBD™) using HPD® crystallization technology chosen by Osum Oil Sands Corp

01/18/2017 -

Osum Oil Sands Corp. in Alberta, Canada has awarded Veolia Water Technologies the Orion Phase I Crystallizer system, which reduces costly disposal of evaporator blowdown waste. The system will utilize Veolia’s cost-saving Modular Bulldozer Design (MBD™).

Veolia Water Technologies UK merges divisions to support industry in managing water challenges

12/06/2016 -

Veolia Water Technologies’ (Veolia) process water and waste water divisions have merged into a single organisation to better help organisations “rethink water” 

Delivering Nitrogen Removal Capabilities to Peirce Island, NH

11/18/2016 -

By installing BIOSTYR® Biologically Active Filter (BAF) system to remove BOD and Total Nitrogen (TN), the plant will be able to meet strict EPA mandates for future TN discharge into the Piscataqua River.

By sea or by air: Kruger to provide BioCon™ Thermal Dryer to Juneau, Alaska

11/09/2016 -

Veolia will provide one BioCon™ Thermal Dryer, including wet cake storage and pumping, product conveyance, product handling and a motor control center (MCC) to the Mendenhall WWTF. The City of Juneau has entrusted Veolia with this logistically challenging project as there are no roads connecting Juneau to the rest of North America.

Veolia Water Technologies’ HPD® evaporation technology and Multiflo™ softening process chosen for Dow Pittsburg facility in California

11/01/2016 -

The Dow Chemical Company has awarded Veolia Water Technologies a contract for a total overhaul of the process water treatment plant at Dow’s Pittsburg Operations facility in California. The technologies chosen were Veolia’s proprietary Multiflo™ for softening and HPD® MVR Evaporators.  

Kruger Starts Up a Cutting-Edge Water Treatment Plant to Provide Drinking Water in Colorado

10/16/2016 -

Kruger Inc., the Veolia business unit that specializes in municipal water and wastewater treatment solutions in the United States, recently started up a ground-breaking treatment process at the Rueter-Hess Water Purification Facility in Colorado. The Kruger Opaline process is the first of its kind and part of a drinking water treatment expansion for the Parker Water and Sanitation District (PWSD). The drinking water plant utilizes ACTIFLO® Turbo, ACTIFLO® CARB, and Kruger Ceramic Membranes (KCM) to produce potable drinking water for PWSD’s customers.

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