Veolia Water Technologies Hosts Workshop on Enhancing Water & Wastewater Management

Veolia Water Technologies, a global leader in water and wastewater treatment, hosted an educational workshop on October 2, 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The purpose of the event was to support several companies from the food and beverage industry by providing a comprehensive training on the technologies and best practices related to water and wastewater management. 

In total, the food and beverage industry consumes more water than any other industry segment. As a result, the efficient management of water can directly impact a facility’s profitability, environmental footprint, and community acceptance. To help, Veolia hosted a one-day comprehensive workshop where attendees from leading food and beverage companies were able to interact with water and wastewater professionals on a variety of topics, such as water reuse, regulatory compliance, reducing sewage discharge fees, improving operational efficiency, and achieving sustainability goals.

“Water is a resource that needs to be carefully managed, and companies need to identify ways to improve how they use this precious resource at their facilities,” says Mette Friis-Andersen, Marketing & Communications Director, North America. She adds, “The workshop exposed attendees to the latest technologies and equipment that companies are incorporating at their facilities to improve their water treatment capabilities. Water experts at the seminar also shared what best practices and services companies can consider integrating to help them achieve their water and sustainability goals.”

These educational workshops are part of Veolia’s commitment to help industries enhance their relationship with water and reduce their overall environmental impact. Veolia Water Technologies holds similar educational events in the United States and Canada for professionals from the Oil & Gas, Mining, and Power markets. Visit for a listing of upcoming Veolia events.