Unconventional Oil & Gas

Oil & gas industry wastewater solutions

Uncertainty looms large in the unconventional oil and gas market. Allow us to inject some clarity.

For example, we can help you assess how water quality will affect the profitability of possible drill sites. We can help you risk assess your project water risks and we can model your most cost effective water treatment options.

We believe this will increase your competitive edge in an uncertain industry - and if the unexpected does happen we have a range of flexible and rapidly deployed water technologies to mitigate the impact.

Ask us about our comprehensive range of water technology and the internationally-backed expertise that has been providing water solutions to Australian mining for 70 years.

Ask us how we can help you meet the key challenges for unconventional oil and gas

Identify your best capital returns

We can help you identify resources where you will get your best capital return on investment.

Minimise operational expenditure and risk

Flexible contracts allow you to draw on a range of technologies and ongoing advice to adapt to changing conditions.

Manage social and regulatory risks

Our low-impact technologies and proven quality systems can help you keep your stakeholders happy.

Access comprehensive expertise in emerging industries

Draw on our international experience when exploring new technology and techniques.

Resolving a complex water challenge for Santos

Santos needed water processed with varying and unpredictable characteristics to meet multiple requirements.

In South East Queensland, water from numerous coal seam gas wells contained a varying range of mineral and organic contents, including fine coal, algae, iron, manganese and silica.

The water needed to be processed to different standards for two Santos sites. The Fairview site needed 20 megalitres a day processed for environmental discharge, while the Roma site needed 10 megalitres a day processed for aquifer recharge.

Veolia's solution was to build a plant that used a robust range of water technologies to provide water reliably processed water to meet ANZECC river discharge limits and Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.