Power industry water solutions

If you need to increase the productivity of your existing plant, meet tightening environmental standards, or if you are searching for the best water solutions for emerging power technology, we can help.

We have significantly improved the performance of many Australian power stations, allowing them to meet regulatory challenges while saving on capital expenditure.

We also help operators who are exploring efficiency options for new, smaller scale plants or who want to draw on the best water technology for natural gas or other emerging energy sources.

Our flexible contracting arrangements allow us to share your risks, lower your costs and guarantee results.

Ask us about our solutions to the key challenges faced by power plant operators

Extend your plant's useful life

Refurbish your plant with cutting edge technology, increasing efficiency and adding years to its operational life.

Increase productivity in a time of tight budgets

Consider a range of water solutions to minimise operational expenditure and increase efficiency without major capital spending.

Develop innovative environmental solutions

Veolia works closely with clients to develop innovative solutions with a minimal environmental footprint.

Access water solutions for emerging power generation technologies

If you are building a smaller plant or one using newer technology ask Veolia about its range of compact water solutions.

A secure water supply that safeguards drinking water

Extreme drought conditions created a pressing need for water efficiencies at Queensland's Tarong and Tarong North power stations.

Veolia's solution was to treat and reuse water from station cooling towers, reducing demand for water from the Wivenhoe Dam and safeguarding the drinking water supply for the South East Queensland population.

We built microfiltration and reverse osmosis units at the plant, treating the cooling tower water to a high purity level and producing 2 megalitres of water a day. By optimising technologies we were also able to reduce chemical use at the plant.

We also created a secure drinking water supply for the power stations, using a 250 kilolitre/day microfiltration plant to process water from Lake Boondooma.

Both initiatives were valuable in allowing the plants to meet EPA licence requirements.

An environmental solution demonstrates corporate responsibility

When the Bayswater Power Station (NSW) was first built, Lake Liddell was created as a source of cooling water. Years on, the lake was a popular recreational resource and the power station needed to find a way to reduce salt discharge into the lake and to keep it environmentally healthy.

Veolia developed a water recycling and treatment solution that processes 160 ML/day and ensures no contaminants reach the lake.

Between 2009 and 2011, this unit steadily reduced Lake Liddell salinity levels from 1,900 mg/L to 1,400 mg/L.

The solution included upgrades to existing water treatment facilities. The capital-efficient solution delivered high environmental value at moderate cost.