Pharmaceutical industry water solutions

We provide water that reliably meets the highest pharmacological quality standards. Customer safety is uppermost in the minds of our clients and we share their commitment.

We are committed to providing highly efficient water solutions that perform well. Our compact systems have an edge where space is at a premium. We can usually deploy technical solutions flexibly and at short notice.

We also focus on value, providing a range of mobile systems that enhance the productivity of existing plant with minimal capital expenditure.

Realising the importance of supply reliability, our 24/7 national service team supports our water technologies; we work to guaranteed response times for incidents and support client staff through training.

Ask us how we can provide water purity and reliability

Exceed regulatory requirements with consistently high water quality

Our water treatment solutions meet the highest European and Australian standards.

Increase productivity despite tight space and capital constraints

Veolia has a range of solutions that will increase your pure water supply in demanding situations.

Increase plant reliability through customised maintenance and repair contracts

Long term maintenance contracts secure your pure water supply; rapid response teams provide support.

Minimise your environmental footprint

Our solutions can minimise your carbon footprint and meet biodiversity and waste discharge requirements.

Veolia technologies provide pure water for injection

At Pharmaxis, Veolia technology removes suspended solids, chlorine and distiller, transforming Sydney town water into Water For Injection.

By combining multimedia filtration, activated carbon, reverse osmosis and continuous de-ionisation we produce water that meets the European Pharmacopoeia standard.

Reliable treatment for disposal into a sensitive environment

In Sweden, Astra Zeneca relies on Veolia technology and service to treat highly toxic wastewater containing organic compounds from pharmaceutical production.

We detoxify the water, removing 97% of organic compounds, including 80% or nitrogen and 99% of phosporous. Microfungi process 1,800 m/day, removing 440 kilograms of organic compounds and making the water safe for discharge into an environmentally sensitive area.

Reducing energy use and emissions with Veolia technology

Veolia is providing a German Roche Diagnostics wastewater treatment plant with technology to lower energy requirements and reduce carbon emissions.

Veolia plant biologically pre-treats partial wastewater flows rich in carbon and biologically degradable liquid waste. Our 480 m3 Biobed EGSB reactor captures biogas, which is used to reduce the Roche plant's external energy requirements by 90% and cut carbon dioxide emissions by about 950 metric tons per year.