Water Utilities, Municipal & Commercial

Municipal water management

Municipal water plants often face rising productivity demands. At a time of tight capital budgets and limits to site expansion, these demands can be difficult to meet.

Veolia can help. We offer a range of compact, highly efficient technologies that can be bolted onto existing plant, increasing productivity without major capital work.

You can also increase productivity while reducing your environmental and community footprint. For example, we have technology that drastically reduces solid waste volume, reducing truck movements and increasing your safe disposal options.

Aware of your need to maximise network performance while minimising disruptive maintenance, we can provide a range of low-impact inspection and maintenance technologies.

Having been involved in the design, construction or operation of many plants worldwide, we also have the experience and analytical expertise to assist clients in identifying and managing risks.

If this sounds too good to be true, it is not. Call us and ask us for details.

If you are a municipality, ask about our solutions to key municipal challenges

Upgrade without major capital works

If you are working to tight space constraints, we have compact solutions that will increase productivity within your current site boundaries. If you are working to a tight capital budget, we have modular technologies that can increase productivity without investment in major capital works.

Meet tight operational budgets

More efficient Veolia technologies can reduce your costs (for example, with solutions to lower your supply and materials input requirements).

Lower your operational impact

Lower your footprint in the natural and community environment, for example by using technologies to reduce waste volumes and truck movements.

Lower your risks

Veolia has the business and technology expertise to assess your exposure to a full range of risks, including natural risks (such as floods or droughts), demographic risks (such as changing population size) and regulatory risks (such as new environmental standards). We also have effective risk mitigation solutions and the resources to help you implement them.

Capture untapped revenue

Our analytical services will identify opportunities for greater revenue - for example, by more efficient metering. Or increase your cost recovery by producing safer waste that has a wider range of uses.

Solve ageing network problems

Maintain or upgrade your network with Veolia low impact methodologies, such as trenchless excavation and remote pipe relining. Outsource your headaches by relying on our complete set of technologies and the comprehensive skills of our workforce.

Upgrading Wollongong infrastructure provides environmental benefits

Veolia created process and environmental efficiencies when it upgraded three wastewater treatment plants at Port Kembla, Wollongong.

The upgraded infrastructure reduced ocean wastewater discharge by 40% and decreased the use of potable water use at Port Kembla's steelworks by 60%. This protected drinking water supplies for 300,000 people and enhanced water quality along the Wollongong coast.

We designed and built the upgraded infrastructure and provide ongoing operational advice. Work included the upgrading of the three sewage treatment plants, the construction of land and ocean pipelines and the building of a 20 megalitre/day wastewater treatment plant that recycled water for BlueScope Steel.

Our microfiltration and reverse osmosis technologies currently provide a capacity to treat up to 320 megalitres of sewage and stormwater per day; this robust solution meets Wollongong's growing water treatment needs.

Reducing energy and protecting the environment at the Sydney Desalination Plant

At the Sydney Desalination Plant, Veolia devised and implemented a 41% reduction in energy requirements during osmosis.

As a joint venture partner with John Holland, we designed and built the plant and have a 20-year operating contract. The plant can desalinate 250, 000 megalitres of seawater a day and provides a drought proof water supply for 1.5 million Sydney residents.

The plant was built to high environmental and public health standards. Multiple safeguards protect drinking water quality and minimise the environmental impact of salty water outflows to ocean. Veolia technologies are critical to the plant's performance—for example, by providing efficient chemical pre-treatment and filtration of seawater, reverse osmosis, and water post-treatment and disinfection.