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Mining sector water solutions

Australian miners often work in dry, remote areas, where environmental issues make water sourcing, use and disposal particularly problematic.

If you have a challenging water problem, we can help. With over 70 years of experience in Australia, and backed by the international resources of one of the world's largest water companies, we have a full range of technology solutions and a depth of problem solving expertise.

Consider options - ranging from rapidly deployed, mobile plant to design, build and operate projects. Improve quality, efficiency and risk management. Or consider our flexible contracting arrangements, where we share your risks, lower your costs and guarantee results.

Enquire about our solutions for key challenges faced by Australian and New Zealand miners

Reduce costs with well targeted technology

Minimise your costs with technology that is precisely matched to the type and scale of your operations - drawing from Veolia's large range of proprietary technologies.

Reduce your risks through customised contracts

Take advantage of Veolia's flexible contract arrangements, where we share your costs and risks.

Outsource for a complete solution

Under Veolia's instal/operate/maintain model, you can gain access to comprehensive expertise and resources.

Maintain quality and reliability

Enjoy the productivity benefits of a reliable, high quality water supply.

Increase your peace of mind on compliance

Draw on Veolia's quality management and regulatory expertise to manage safety and environmental challenges.

Efficiencies address water scarcity

Veolia supported a $3B efficiency and expansion program that transformed WA's Worsely bauxite mine and alumina processing facility into one of the largest operations of its kind.

We provided a number of technologies to increase water efficiency in the dry project environment. We constructed a water treatment plan that took mineral rich effluent from the alumina processing plant and converted it into water for Worsely's boilers. We deployed ion transfer technology to create this high purity boiler feedwater.

We also supplied a microfiltration plant to provide drinking water and construction process water, and delivered high pressure water vacuum and sweeping services.

Supporting environmentally responsible mine expansion

Bendigo Mining was planning develop an existing mine into one of the world's larger gold mines - but first needed to remove heavily contaminated water.

Veolia's highly compact Actiflo system was perfect for operation in the mine's tight spaces. We designed, supplied, installed and commissioned the plant, which proved effective in treating up to 7 megalitres of water per day. The water contained arsenic, heavy metals, manganese, salt, iron and foul smelling hydrogen sulphite.

In addition to Actiflo, we provided chemical treatment and filtration technology that made the water environmentally safe for use in town parks, gardens and sporting facilities.