Water solutions for hospital and healthcare

hospital water

We understand that water quality is a critical element in healthcare and that it underpins patient safety. A dependable source of high quality water is a vital part of the health sector's risk management and is vital to the operation of medical technology.

We also understand the economic and operational constraints that apply to water in the health sector. That is why we have designed compact systems that operate efficiently in areas where space is at a premium.

It is also why we back up the reliability of our technology with maintenance systems and incident support teams that assure the availability of high quality water at the volumes you need.

Ask us how our comprehensive range of medically focused water technology can address key challenges in the healthcare sector

Increase productivity despite tight space and capital constraints

Veolia has a range of solutions designed to deliver in demanding situations.

Increase plant reliability through customised maintenance and repair contracts

Long term maintenance contracts provide a secure, high quality water supply; rapid response teams address equipment issues.

Exceed regulatory requirements with consistently high water quality

Our water treatment solutions meet the highest European and Australian standards.

Minimise your environmental footprint

Our solutions can minimise your carbon footprint and meet biodiversity and waste discharge requirements.

A high volume of pure water meets peak demand

Veolia provides chemically pure water for the central sterilisation unit of NSW's John Hunter Hospital, a busy hospital with NSW's busiest trauma centre.

Water purity is essential for minimising spotting and staining of medical instruments, a challenge due to the high mineral content of the town main's water. Veolia has ensured chemical purity by installing a Compact RC102 Reverse Osmosis unit that provides 500 l/hr of water. This volume ensures that clean and safe instruments are available to meet periods of high and unpredictable demand.

Extending asset lifetimes through water purity

Instrument demand is high at John Hunter Hospital, where the emergency department alone treats over 50,000 patients per year. By minimising staining and spotting of instruments during cleaning, Veolia's Compact RC102 Reverse Osmosis unit extends the safe, useful life of instruments and reduces costs. The energy efficient RC102 also saves on electricity costs and maintains a low environmental footprint.

Ask us how our comprehensive range of hospital water solutions can address key challenges in your healthcare facility