Food & Beverage

Food industry water solutions

We understand that you rely on reliable water quality to protect your customers and your brand. That is why our technology foregrounds reliable quality, which can be backed by long term service agreements that guarantee standards are met.

For an industry where margins can be tight, we have a range of cost efficiency options, for example to create processed water that can safely be re-used or economically discharged.

As markets can shift quickly in the food and beverage sector, we have a comprehensive range of mobile technologies that can be rapidly deployed and can boost the productivity of existing assets without major capital work.

At the other end of the scale, we partner with clients, to develop customised solutions that provide operational and cost advantages.

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Rely on guaranteed water quality

Veolia contracts can guarantee water quality to high and continually verified standards, protecting your customers and your brand.

Respond to changing market conditions

Veolia has a range of water solutions that can be quickly deployed if you need to adapt to market changes.

Minimise your operational costs

Consider Veolia solutions to recover operating costs and protect asset lifespans.

Let globally competitive technology give you an edge

Access patented Veolia technology, relied on by leading international brands.

A compact solution delivers high and reliable quality

When Crusta Juices needed to upgrade the quality of its potable water it contracted Veolia to design, build and supply a fully containerised filtration plant. The plant removed particles, taste and odour compounds, residual chlorine and organic contaminants from Murray River water. It produced pure water that met the stringent requirements of Crusta and its parent company Coca-Cola Amatil.

Not much larger than a domestic refrigerator, the plant produces 120 kilolitres of pure water a day. It has also proved robust and reliable, coping with turbidity changes and algal blooms in the river water while providing high quality water.

A comprehensive site solution delivers against contract benchmarks

One of Australia's largest and most modern dairy factories had many and diverse water requirements. However, Veolia was able to meet all of them and deliver against contract standards.

The Allansford site of the Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory Company wanted to:

  • improve its water and wastewater reuse and management
  • integrate its water consumables management across the entire site
  • improve the servicing of its demineralisation and water softening plants
  • optimise its water treatment chemical use
  • build a new microfiltration plant for the dairy process
  • develop a new dosing and monitoring system for Chlorine Dioxide generation.

Drawing on its comprehensive technology and its design and delivery capability, Veolia was able to deliver against all these requirements as a single supplier.