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Oil & gas industry water solutions

Wellwater contains toxic hydrocarbons such as BTEX. The removal of these carcinogens needs to meet very high standards. Our MPPE technology meets these standards and we are currently the only Australian supplier capable of meeting WA government requirements.

MPPE processing is only the first in a series of steps that render well water fit for a variety of onsite industrial uses or for safe disposal.

It is also merely one part of a set of oil and gas water solutions. These range from small, rapidly deployed modular units to plants that we design, build, operate and maintain, providing a team that guarantees water outcomes against contract KPIs.

Our water solutions rate highly against a range of Australian and international ISO standards and can provide water reliability to your operations.

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Treat water from LNG wells to the highest environmental standards

Veolia's MPPE system is the only technology that treats LNG well water to WA's strict requirements.

Choose from a comprehensive range of water solutions

Our water solutions range from rapidly deployed mobile plant to comprehensive design, building, operation and maintenance services.

Rely on guaranteed performance, quality and safety

Depend on contracted KPIs that support your critical objectives.

Compact systems provide water quality to offshore projects

Woodside needed a reliable high quality drinking water supply for the 120 people on its North Rankin A gas production platform, which is located off the Western Australian coast.

Aware of the space constraints in the offshore environment, Veolia designed and built a compact reverse osmosis unit that turned seawater into 70 cubic metres of drinking water each day. Given the critical reliability requirements for the unit, Woodside also contracted Veolia to provide ongoing spares, consumables and maintenance.

The quality and reliability of our system was recognised when were awarded a further contract to create an industrial water supply for the North Rankin B platform. Drawing on our reverse osmosis, filtration and water chemical expertise, we custom built a brackish water plant that provided 120 cubic metres a day of demineralised water.

An integrated water solution meets project and regulator requirements

Woodside faced a range of water challenges on its $12B Pluto onshore LNG project. For example, it needed to meet demanding EPA requirements for the removal of toxic hydrocarbons from wellwater.

Drawing on the best of its international technology, Veolia designed and supplied an integrated Effluent Treatment Package.

The package incorporated Veolia's membrane, chemical, reverse osmosis, ion exchange and Macro Porous Polymer Extraction (MPPE) technologies. It fulfilled a range of purposes, such removing carcinogenic hydrocarbons, providing processed water for turbine washing and boilers, capturing hydrocarbons for further use, and demineralising water for safe discharge.